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You're here because

you want to build something:

a career, a business, a legacy.

And you understand that while

substance is what matters, 

image is what communicates it.


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Why a

Because you understand long-term value, 
and the importance of investment and experience,
in your family, your business, your career, yourself.

Your profile photo is your first impression in a digital world. 
Take control of first impressions with a professional headshot.

Approachable.  Trustworthy.



Your profile photo is your digital introduction to the world, and you have 7 seconds to make that critical first impression. Just 7 seconds to tell them who you are.

  • Tell them you are confident, because you are competent.
  • Tell them you are approachable, because you want to engage.
  • Tell them you are trustworthy, because you have integrity.

These are exactly the basic elements upon which we build relationships, in person and in business. These are characteristics we ought to possess and value. These are what we are looking for in others, and these are what we want to communicate to others with a worthy headshot.


Your Business,

Your Face.







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My Approach

My approach to photography reflects the values I believe brought you here to my work. Obviously, you need a headshot.

For me to accomplish this for you requires that I am not only a photographer, but a headshot coach. I want you to be at ease, comfortable, and actually having a good time while I guide you on looking your best through the lens. That means we are going to get the best photo of you, working together and having fun while we do it. The whole experience counts.

I will nail your best angles, shape light to bring out your shine, and draw out the expressions that tell the world just how confident and approachable you are. That experience leads to a great photo--of you!     


Hello, world.

Here I am.


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I cut my photographic teeth with a little Canon point and shoot matched against a land broadly painted in bold and sweeping strokes: Iceland. And now here I am, doing headshots. The end.


Okay, okay, so there's a little more to my story. If you'd like to read on, you can right here.

Of course, if you would like to go right ahead and book a headshot or portrait right here and now, well, yes, let's do that!