Originally from New Brunswick, on the eastern coast of Canada, I lived abroad for 17 years in Japan and Iceland, had 5 children out there in that time, travelled to over 20 countries, and currently reside in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. While I love the outdoors anywhere, connecting with people as they seek to build something in their lives touched something in me as I began to build my photography from an enthusiastic hobby to a business. It wasn't long before I providentially came across Peter Hurley and his remarkable international community of Headshot Crew, of which I am now a member. While I have a wide spectrum of experience in photography which I enjoy, I have found the human face and the person behind it to be a virtual treasury of photographic meaning and value. This has led to my specialization in headshots and portraiture.

As I built my business, I wrestled with what it stood for, and out of those fires came three pillars.

Hold on--Determination
Hold Up--Integrity
Hold Fast--Perseverence

They represent also how I want to assist others in their own quest to build something, in encouraging them to keep these in mind, and providing a tangible service which will aid in the achievement of their goals.