So here I stand, at the threshold of social media, not writing a blog, but finding a neat little spot to communicate and connect with folks out there with a bit of fun encouragement, and hopefully wit, a side of life as a headshot photographer, with a good dash of helpful information, and a half pound of garlic (whoops—wrong post! Sorry, I’m new at this).

BeauHaan 2 copy1.jpg

Being a photographer, I have to post a photo, and it wasn’t too hard to choose: through Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew, I had the incredible opportunity to join in the first ever Headshot Mania. I was able to go on small group excursions with Mike Schacht, Levy Moroshan and John David Pitman, all of whom pushed me out of my comfort zone. This photo was a landmark for me (rather like not starting a blog), in which I envisioned and set up the shoot, coached the model (Beau Hann—he can bring it!) and executed the shot (thankfully not the model). I have John David Pitman to thank for his encouragement and excursion! Also, I think you can figure out the connection between the photo and this post…

So, ready—set—go!

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